Age Requirements

Ages 10+

Low-Impact Paintball
Private parties only
50 Cal: Ages 6+


Waivers are required for all players. Any players under 18 years of age must have a parent/guardian sign their waiver. Waivers are available at the field or online.

Safety Guidelines

Playing paintball is a lot more fun when everyone is safe and well protected. Please take a moment to review our safety guidelines.

Please note that you cannot play or spectate without signing a contract to play or spectate paintball. Contracts are available at the field and can by signed on game day.

Rules for Gameplay

  1. Always wear Approved Paintball Safety Goggles in or near all playing fields, including practice range. Never take them off for any reason until you are in a marked Safe Zone. Goggles must have full face and ear coverage.
  2. Never shoot at a person who is not wearing the proper protective equipment.
  3. A player is not allowed to shoot at a player who has already been hit or has surrendered, nor shoot a non-player or any referee.
  4. No player may shoot at any person or object outside the active playing field.
  5. Never intentionally shoot at any other players head or face.
  6. If you are sprayed in the eyes by paintball materials wash your eye out completely with clean water or saline solution. Do not rub your eyes. Consult your physician.
  7. Before and after every game, the paintball marker must be kept on safe together with the barrel cover on, pointing to the ground. Barrel covers are to stay on the paintball marker until the referee commands “BARREL COVERS OFF” and “SAFETY OFF” for the start of the game. When the game is over, immediately put the barrel cover back on and safety on.
  8. Never look down a barrel to see if it is dirty, just squeegee the barrel to clear it.
  9. All paintball markers must be speed velocity checked before use in play and shall not exceed a speed of 290 feet per second. Also, must not exceed 10.2 balls per second.
  10. If you are eliminated from play, immediately signal to the referees and all players by shouting “HIT” or “OUT”. Raise your hands above your head and move quickly and safely off the field.
  11. Never fire or dry fire your paintball marker in a Safe Zone.
  12. Never shoot anything from a paintball marker except the water-soluble paintballs provided. Never fire frozen paintballs. We are field paint only.
  13. Do not shoot across any non-playing area.
  14. Keep exposed skin away from leaking CO2, it can cause frostbite.
  15. No Blind Shooting. This is not looking at what you are shooting at.
  16. If another player is within 20ft of you being able to hit them, you should give a verbal command to surrender. Never shoot anyone at close range.
  17. Weapons and Alcohol are not permitted on the property.
  18. No physical confrontation between players or spectators (i.e. hand-to-hand combat, taking prisoners, etc.)
  19. No going up trees or on roofs of any buildings.
  20. Do not use a paintball marker until you understand how to do so.
  21. You cannot play or spectate without signing a contract to play or spectate paintball.


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